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  • What is all about?

    We are a recruitment aggregator. That means that we provide a directory of recruitment agencies that can be independently reviewed & rated by employers and candidates. We also have functions for employers to post their open positions to have recruitment agencies apply directly to them.

  • Who are you affiliated with?

    We are completely unaffiliated and make being neutral and independent one of our core competencies. We do not recruit ourselves in order to avoid conflict of interest and approach all recruitment agencies as unbiased as possible.

  • Do recruitment agencies pay to be listed on

    No. is free for users and recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies can opt for paid subscriptions that increase their visibility, however, such subscriptions are completely voluntary and not mandatory.

  • Who decides whether recruitment agencies are listed on or not?

    As long as a company is in the recruitment business, they can be listed on There is no formal vetting process, as we believe that reviews will be sufficient to inform the public about the doings of a recruitment agency

  • What are primary specializations?

    Every recruitment agency is specialized on recruiting within one or more industries. Primary specializations are limited to three per agency and highlight the key industries the agency is dealing with

  • What are secondary specializations?

    Secondary specializations are industries that the agency recruits in but which are not the key industries of the agency. They are limited to fifteen per agency.

  • What are Featured and Premium agencies?

    Featured and Premium agencies are those that have purchased monthly subscriptions from to increase their visibility and profiles. Featured and Premium recruitment agencies are NOT reviewed any differently or enjoy any unfair competitive bonusses than non-Featured and non-Premium recruitment agencies. For instance, recruitment agencies with Featured and Premium subscription are shown before regular recruitment agencies in the directory and can detail their profiles with more information and items. For all full overview of features, check our brochure at  

  • A recruitment agency I know is not listed on – what can I do?

    You can either contact us and tell us the name and website of the recruitment agency or you contact the agency and make them aware of so they can register themselves.

  • I do not want my recruitment agency to be listed on!

    By default, and in order to ensure transparency, all recruitment agencies that we are aware of will be listed, and, as long as they remain in the recruitment business, retained. All our listing include only publicly available information that has been gathered from the recruitment agency’s media (website & social). If you are a company that is not a recruitment agency, but you are listed on, please get in touch so we can remove the listing.

  • How does reviewing work?

    Reviews are voluntary submitted by candidates and employers (recruitment agencies can also review employers). After receiving your review, an algorithm scans reviews to ensure compliance to our Terms & Conditions. We also randomly check reviews to ensure they are genuine. Afterwards, your review will go live!

  • Who writes reviews on

    Reviews are written by candidates and employers. There is no incentive, payment or reward for writing reviews, so there is absolutely no coercion. 

  • Does edit or write reviews? does not write or provide any reviews. We also do not edit reviews except if certain components of a review are not compliant to our Terms & Conditions, but the overall review is fine - such edits will be clearly marked within the review and are only of minor nature, such as removing names of agents for confidentiality purposes.

  • What are the items that are reviewed?

    The items reviewed vary depending on the reviewer and the reviewed entity. A description of each item is available in the reviewing pane itself.

  • What is the weightage of reviewed items?

    The most important item, which is also always the first one, is your Overall experience. The Overall item constituted 50% of the total rating, with the remaining four items constituting 12.5% each of the total rating. The final rating of an agency is then the sum of all individual ratings received.

  • How is the total rating of a recruitment agency calculated?

    The total rating of a recruitment agency is calculated through consolidating and averaging the last 15 obtained reviews. While users are still able to read through previous reviews, we aim to keep the ratings representing how an agency is currently performing and therefore remove older ratings from the calculation.

  • How do you ensure reviews are genuine?

    We periodically select and evaluate reviews, including double-checking contact information, to ensure reviews submitted are genuine and from real people.

  • Do you remove reviews?

    If we suspect that reviews are not conform to our terms and conditions (for instance if reviewers were paid or coerced, if an individual person repeatedly reviews the same agency, if reviews are made up, etc.) we will remove such reviews immediately until investigation has been concluded. We do not remove reviews if asked by agencies to do so as long as reviews are conform to our Terms & Conditions.